Amanda Munday
benelavoro definition

In Italian, "bene lavoro" means "good work".

  • W O R K  W I T H  G O O D  C L I E N T S
  • H E L P  E A C H  O T H E R  D O  G O O D  F O R  T H E  W O R L D
  • P R O D U C E  G O O D  R E S U L T S .  ( G O O D  D A T A  I S  G O O D  W O R K ) .

Together let's do some good.

Not all digital paths are a straight line to success; and no less fun along the way

Not all digital paths are a straight line to success; and no less fun along the way


Some call us Community Managers; some consultants; others simply say Bene Lavoro is who to call when you need a well-executed digital media launch. True digital strategy considers far more than the social media landscape. Events, advertising and technology are all factors to success. We work with non-profit, social enterprise, small business and entrepreneurs to establish a strong digital presence and measurable engagement approach.

This may include a Facebook ads plan that focused on lookalike audiences and dramatic lift, but it could avoid the platform entirely. It's not about the tool – it’s about results.

How will data, privacy, identity, marketing and communications align in our new digital reality? What does any of it mean for professional identity and for building a successful presence online? 

We are Instructors, Lecture-Builders, Conference Presenters, Workshop Animators. You know what’s really keeping us up at night? The role of technology in education. How do online and blended models complement traditional learning? Where does pedagogy play a role? 


Our lead Strategist, Amanda Munday, has presented at technology conferences across North America, including Net Change Week, Women Investing for Impact, CloudForce, Social Media Week Toronto, User Groups, Social Media for Non-Profits, Social Venture Partners, Tech Soup's Tech Tuesdays, Girls Action Foundation, BoxWorks and more.  Technology workshops have been developed for the University of Toronto, Western University, George Brown College and Fanshawe College.

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